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New Kittens!!
cat clicks mouse
Hey all!  I know I've been in hiding for a LONG time, but I finally have something cute to post :) I posted these on facebook, but figured I'd repost here also :) :)

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It boggles my mind that my cats could ever have been that small :P

I know... it's crazy that one kitty can fit in your palm! :)

And yet they grow so quickly... blink and they'll be giant.

Oh, they are so cute! Congratulations!

great picture of your cat and the newborn kitties. I wonder if you remember me from long long ago. I have not been to LJ for years. Last I remember you were in school in Iowa ?? I visited lj looking for an address or contact with a really old friend and found several old LJ friends. I hope you are doing well. Probably working at some professional job now I hope you are doing well.
Don. aka donsilvercat, aka doncat

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