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Anyone still out there?
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Just wondered if anyone was still reading these? I know I haven't updating in over a year but I was just curious. Was thinking about updating this again now that I have an iPad app for it. It just wasn't as convenient before considering I'm barely on my home computer anymore...

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New Kittens!!
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Hey all!  I know I've been in hiding for a LONG time, but I finally have something cute to post :) I posted these on facebook, but figured I'd repost here also :) :)

Kittens were born yesterday!Collapse )

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“Worst day ever at work!

Carter is still waiting to find a donor. Keep praying for him... they say he's only got a 40-50% chance :(

Moving date is Sept 21st. Still trying to find time to pack.

Sorry, still behind on friends lists. I'm just never home or when I am... I'm throwing things in boxes. :(

Miss you all!!!”

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